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jordan_glamour's Journal

Miz Ratched
22 May
I am Britain's most famous glamour model, Katie Price.. Being a glamour model, I go topless a lot, but seeing as it may be inappropriate I'll only put some (sort of) clothed pictures of me here.

[I am not, repeat NOT, and once again for the slow ones, NOT, Jordan. But I love her. And her interestingly sized tits. Apart from that, yeah. This journal is FAKE. I do not know Katie or her family, nor do I know anyone who does.]

barbie, bedroom games, breast implants, breast play, butt play, different coloured dildos, fake tan(go), flash cars, glamour modelling, hair extensions, hair extensions for horses, horses, kinky sexual positions, lingerie, liposuction, my autobiographies, my sons, not victoria beckham, peeing, peter andre, pink condoms, singing, tractorfuls of makeup